298 Apartments for Rent within East Nashville in Nashville, TN

  1. 6 Hrs. Ago
    Price Drop. $196 Off

    The Cleo

    1034 W Eastland Ave, Nashville, TN 37206
    $1,376 - $2,472 | 1 - 2 Beds
    | Call Now (844) 204-0770
  2. Eastwood Greene
  3. 3 Days Ago

    932 Silverdene Pl

    932 Silverdene Pl, Nashville, TN 37206
    $2,500 | 2 Beds
  4. The Canvas
  5. 6 Days Ago

    64 Fern Ave

    64 Fern Ave, Nashville, TN 37207
    $2,500 | 2 Beds
  6. 6 Days Ago

    64 Fern Ave

    64 Fern Ave, Nashville, TN 37207
    $2,500 | 2 Beds
  7. 1 Day Ago

    1303 Greenwood Ave

    1303 Greenwood Ave, Nashville, TN 37206
    $2,400 | 3 Beds | Home for Rent
  8. 1 Day Ago

    1805 Rosebank Ave

    1805 Rosebank Ave, Nashville, TN 37216
    $2,850 | 4 Beds | Home for Rent
  9. The Cleo
  10. 1 Day Ago

    610 Rudolph Ave

    610 Rudolph Ave, Nashville, TN 37206
    $1,695 | 2 Beds | Home for Rent
  11. 1 Day Ago

    916B Spain Ave

    916B Spain Ave, Nashville, TN 37216
    $2,500 | 3 Beds | Home for Rent
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298 Apartments for Rent within East Nashville in Nashville, TN

East Nashville Neighborhood in Nashville, TN

Welcome to Nashville’s fantastic East Nashville neighborhood! You’re sure to find your perfect apartment at the right price with the help of Apartment Finder. Use our cost calculator and value-focused pricing tools to stay on budget. As you explore this and other Nashville neighborhoods, be sure to use Apartment Finder’s mobile app for searching on the go!

Eastwood Neighborhood

The popularity of the Eastwood neighborhood of East Nashville with urban families stretches to past centuries. Since the late 1800s, Eastwood has been a great location for middle-class families who want a safe and comfortable place to live that is still close to the city’s urban center. This is especially true today, as a new generation of urban professionals is finding Eastwood to be an attractive alternative to living in downtown Nashville.

Eastwood is in the northeastern section of Nashville, between the Greenwood and Rosebank neighborhoods. Its boundaries include Douglas Avenue to the north, Eastland Avenue to the south, Gallatin Avenue to the west and Porter Road to the east. Eastwood is part of the 37206 ZIP code, which feeds into some of the top public schools in East Nashville.

Eastwood sits on land that was once part of the western boundary of North Carolina. This land was originally given in 640-acre parcels to veterans of the Revolutionary War in the late 18th century and originally used mostly for agricultural purposes. The completion of streetcar lines and bridges over the Cumberland River in the late 19th and early 20 centuries helped encourage urban workers to move from downtown to comfortable homes in the country.

Much of the residential construction in Eastwood was done from 1910 to 1940. A quick tour of Eastwood shows a diverse mixture of architectural styles. Residences range from Queen Anne and Classic Revival homes to later Bungalow and Craftsman cottages. The streets are narrow but feature wide sidewalks, with plenty of shady trees providing cover for families taking afternoon or evening strolls.

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